World 8 is Released

May 2018

The search for Dugon reaches a turning point.

Climb the Treacherous Tower in this final chapter of Funky Karts. Eagle-eyed robots have you in their sights. Get past them for a chance to outwit Drack in his cunning last stand.

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World 7 is Released

September 2017

This fall King Grolar wets his fur in search of his darling Katia.

Cruise the Rolling River in this penultimate chapter of Funky Karts. Floating barrels offer a chance to stay dry, but require master balance. Beware what lies below the waves, as stories tell of robots that have adapted to the aquatic environment...

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World 6 is Released

September 2016

The sixth and most perilous world of Funky Karts is now available. Things shake up as King Grolar looks to save his mysterious friend Doug.

The land through the Perilous Pass is not as ... static ... as it was before. And a shocking new powerup will give you a fresh perspective on your adventure.

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